​1. Healthcare History

Personal information to quickly and accurately complete profile forms at healthcare appointments

2. Symptom Communicator

Record symptoms of illnesses when occurring using chart templates simply by making notes

3. Calendar Organizer

An open-system for appointments with personal time schedules using a complete calendar approach

4. Prescription Manager

Records prescriptions from physicians, dosage, refill status, drugstore, and updates calendar

5. Appointment Notes

Note healthcare appointment instructions, referrals, new prescriptions, and recommended changes in lifestyle



is more important

than caring for your loved ones!

6. Appointment Traveller

Reports  previous appointments, ongoing treatment plan progress, symptoms, and status of prescriptions

7. Healthcare Provider Organizer

Maintains physician, specialist, therapist, hospital, laboratory, drugstore, and other medical contact information

8. Lab and Test Result

History of various lab, radiology, and tests describing the purpose of the test, location of service, and referring physician

9. Lifestyle Choices

Profile of nutritional information, exercise, sleeping, recreational habits, and lifestyle information

10. Diagnosis History

Lists diagnosis from physicians along with prescribed treatment plans, prescriptions, and lifestyle changes

Caregiver Population

How You're responsible

Mission Statement

Advocate Systems helps solve problems while also empowering family and non-medical caregivers who are assisting loved ones with an easy to use mobile app designed to facilitate communication and collaboration by simply managing responsibilities.

Empowering Caregivers

AARP (2009) claims, “29% of the U.S. adult population, or 65.7 million people, are caregivers, including 31% of all households. Caregives provide an average of 20 hours of care per week.” Family and non-medical caregivers are unpaid people simply trying to help.

To empower non-medical caregivers with mobile apps that efficiently and effectively help one provide care to another, organize responsibilities, collect reliable information, and instill collaborative intent with healthcare providers for the benefit of a loved one.

Always On Call

​Organizing Tasks and
Providing Personal Attention

Making and Attending
​Healthcare Appointments

Discussing and Encouraging Treatment Plan Progress

Organizing Daily Medicines and
Picking Up Prescriptions

​Buying Groceries, Cooking, Cleaning, or doing Laundry